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At All Pet Supplies & Equine Center in Springfield, we strive to help you keep your companion in hooves happy and healthy. Horses require to be fed on a proper diet, as well as being shielded against illnesses and infections. Our store is well equipped with products that will help ensure that your horse not only looks healthy outside but internally as well. We carry a variety of horse products from leading brands that you know and trust. Learn more about the different products below.

Vitamins and Supplements- Pasture grass alone may not be enough to keep your horse healthy. Every so often, you will need to provide your horse with various supplements with the right nutrients depending on your horse's needs, environment, and metabolism. 

Dewormers- These products help shield your horse against inner parasites like pinworms, tapeworms, bloodworms, and roundworms that are dangerous to your horse's health. We can help guide you in picking the best dewormer for your horse depending on their age and the fecal egg count. 

Insecticides- These products help protect your horse against lice, fleas, ticks, flies, gnats, mosquitoes, and other insects. You can select from sprays, concentrates, or baits. 

Hoof care products- These products assist in healthy hoof growth, have protective and antibacterial qualities, as well as help maintain hoof elasticity. 

All Pet Supplies & Equine Center is your neighborhood expert in Springfield and its surrounding neighborhoods when it pertains to premier products for your horse. Our staff is always ready to assist you and make your shopping experience memorable. Call us today or come see us at 2845 W Kearney St!

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